How to attach bike trailer without coupler

How to Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler? 3 Best Techniques!

Attaching a bike trailer to your bike comes in handy on different occasions. You can wheel your kids around in it or camp luggage.

But you must ensure that the trailer is correctly attached to your bike to prevent certain circumstances from springing. The most common and seemingly easy way to attach your bike trailer to your bike is to use a coupler.

However, if you’re looking for how to attach bike trailer without coupler to your bike, keep reading. I’ll show you a few alternative methods to pull this off. Keep reading.

Can You Attach a bike trailer without a coupler?

Yes, you can attach a bike trailer to your bike without a coupler, and there are several ways to do it.

However, it’s not advisable to do it. The reason is that using a coupler to attach your trailer to your bike is safe, secure, and reliable. It is also easy.

Nevertheless, if you’re thinking of how to attach a bike trailer without a coupler to your bike, we’ll explore other alternatives that are equally as secure as using a coupler.

How to Attach a Bike Trailer without a coupler

Thinking of how to attach a bike trailer to a bicycle without a coupler? Keep reading. We’ve got the best techniques for you.

1. Chain Stay Frame Technique

The first technique is to use a chain stay frame. We’re starting with this technique because it is ideal for any trailer, regardless of the cargo load or what you’re carrying in the trailer- kids, pets, groceries, etc.

Using mounting kits is the easiest way to get this method right. Ensure your mounting kits has a combination of hitches and tubes.

Chain Stay Frame


Alignment: Start by aligning your bicycle’s chain stay frame with the V-shaped part on the hitch.

Tighten: The hitch should have a large knob. Once you see this, tighten it by rolling it clockwise.

Attach: Moving from the end of the attachment kit, push the trailer’s end into one of the holes on the tube at the end of the attachment kit.

There are two holes in the tube. Attach your bicycle to the tube’s second hole.

Strap: Attach the safety strap for security.

2. Seat-post mount technique

You can also try the seat-post mount technique. This technique requires you to invest in a unique hitch for the seat post mount as there are various options. The best part is that this method is the easiest and is post mount

Attach: Attach the hitch to the seat post. Ensure you tighten it for security.

Connect: Connect your trailer to the bicycle.

3. Bolt-on hub technique

Finally, the last technique is the bolt-on hub technique. People who use this technique tag it as the best way to attach your trailer to your bike without a coupler.

It’s all because of the steel material you’ll use to hold your trailer in place.

Detach: Detach the wheel washer and axle knot latching onto the rear wheel of your bicycle.Bolt on hub

Replace: Using the steel hitch, replace the wheel washer. Don’t worry; the steel hitch can hold the axle in place, thanks to its traction.

Align: Fix the hitch’s alignment how you want it to be. The tow bar needs alignment too, and now is an excellent time to install the pin and tighten the axle nut at the bicycle’s rear.

Safety Strap: Now is a good time to attach the safety strap.

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What to Consider to determine what bike trailer connection is ideal?

Before you try to connect your bike trailer to your bike, there are certain factors to consider.

These factors would determine if your knowledge of how to attach bike trailer without a coupler would be necessary or if you’ll need to use a coupler. Here are some of the techniques.

1. The location

For starters, you have to consider where you’re going to ride your bike. You can try out these alternatives if you’re riding your bike with the trailer on a smooth, lonely road.

The tracks don’t pose any danger. However, it might be best to consider attaching your trailer to your bike with a coupler or the bolt-on hub technique if you’re riding on a rough path.

2. Cargo Weight

The cargo weight is another factor to consider before determining which attachment method is perfect for you.

If you’re carrying too much load in the trailer, it might negatively impact your bike trailer attachment arm.

But if you’re carrying the load with less weight, you might not need to worry about the attachment technique too much.

3. What goes into the trailer

What you intend to use the trailer for determines the attachment method and the safety of the attachment technique.

If you want to drive your kids to the grocery store in the trailer, you might want to use a coupler- unless you know how to deploy the other technique without hassle securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hook up a bike trailer without a coupler?

Hooking a bike trailer without a coupler can be done in many ways. Some safe ones include a bolt-on hub, chain stay mount frame, or a seat post mount technique.

Can you attach a trailer to any bike?

Yes, thanks to the method you deploy, you can attach a trailer to any bike. Using a coupler, you can attach a trailer to any bike. Other attachment techniques can also allow you to attach a trailer to any bike.

Can a bike pull a trailer?

Yes, a bike can pull a trailer. But it depends on the type of trailer and the bike itself. It can pull the trailer if the trailer isn’t heavier than the bike.

Can you attach a bike trailer to a tricycle?

Yes, you can, but you must find the right bike trailer for the tricycle. There are also bike trailers that are specifically carved for tricycles. You might want to check those out first.


Now that you know how to attach bike trailer without coupler, feel free to try it out. Ensure that you follow our guide to the latter to avoid accidents.

Although a coupler attachment is the most popular and secure way to attach your trailer to your bike, you’ll also enjoy trying these alternative methods.

Just ensure you don’t ignore any of the steps highlighted above. Have fun.

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