Best BMX Bike for Big Guys

Top 7 Best BMX Bike for Big Guys in 2022

BMX bikes were initially manufactured as racing bikes in the past. But over time, it has turned into a master of many things. BMX bikes are used for freestyle, dirt, park, street style riding, or even roaming around.

There has been widespread popularity of this specific type of bike, and because of that, many bike manufacturers started to sell BMX bikes. Bigger guys need bigger frames, different heights, and extra features that a regular BX bike might miss.

Due to various options on the list, choosing the right BMX bike with the right feature set can be overwhelming.

Today, I have decided to round up a list of the seven best BMX bikes for big guys. These BMX bikes made it to my list after days of research and personal user experience. So, without further ado, let’s see what these BMX bikes offer you.

7 Best BMX Bike for Big Guys Reviewed

Elite BMX Bicycle 20″” & 16″ Freestyle Bike

Elite BMX Bicycle 20 & 16 inch Freestyle Bike-site


I don’t think Elite bicycle needs any introduction to BMX bikes. The manufacturer always heard what the customers wanted and came up with this beautiful freestyle bicycle.

At the very beginning, I was a bit skeptical about the bike itself because of the lower price. But trust me, you’ll love the experience of riding this simple yet elegant BMX bike. So many good things made this bike one of the best BMX bikes for tall adults.

My Impression

Even with years of experience with BMX bikes, it always somewhat scares me when I get a new bike. The reason behind that fear is the hassle of putting together the bike. But fortunately, I loved the experience of assembling this Elite BMX bike because of how easy it was.

I put the whole thing together in about half an hour with pliers and an Allan wrench. Most of the bike was preassembled out of the box, and installing the pedals and handlebars completed the installation. So, the ease of installation gets a big thumbs up from me.

Next up, let’s talk about the riding experience’s most important stuff. Despite the low price tag, I have to admit I never felt like riding a budget BMX bike. The bike itself is pretty good-looking, balanced, and has perfect control for anything you throw at it.

At first glance, you might be a bit confused and mistake it for kids’ BMX bikes. But let me tell you, as a middle-aged guy, anyone can ride this fantastic BMX bike. Given the tall seat post, it’s one of the best BMX bikes for a tall rider.

I have ridden this bike for off-roading to check its endurance. As per my experience, there was nothing to complain about. The high tensile steel frame held up pretty well to my test.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget-friendly BMX bike, this is one of the best bikes for a big guy.


  • There are two sizing options, 16″ and 20.”
  • Made of high tensile steel frame
  • Lightweight build with a weight of ‎15.49 kilograms
  • Available in different colors
  • The pedals have 1/2 “threads plastic platform

Pros & Cons

  • I loved the fact how easy the installation was
  • The tall seat bar makes it perfect for both kids and bigger adults
  • It offers an excellent bang for the buck
  • It seems well built and durable
  • The super cool look makes up for a perfect gift for you der bikers
  • There were no tools or instruction manual in the box
  • Not for bikers with the plan of serious BMX riding


Mongoose Freestyle Legion L500 BMX Bike

Mongoose Freestyle-BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX


The second product on my list is from Mongoose. This brand, too, has made a name for itself for manufacturing the highest quality and fun BMX bikes for off-roading and stunt bikers.

Especially their legion lineup created a wave in the BMX community, which I expected given their high quality and performance. Since the release, I have always wanted to test this amazing BMX bike and loved the premium quality from Mongoose. 

The price was a bit too high, but I am sure you won’t regret buying Mongoose’s legion since it’s one of the best bikes for big guys.

My Impression

Since I have paid a lot of money for this particular BMX bike, my expectations were pretty high too. After getting my hands on this Mongoose BMX bike, it fulfilled my expectations.

This bike offered a near-perfect biking experience to become one of the best bicycles for big guys. It’s written in the description that this bike has a 20″ wheel, so it’s easy to assume this BMX bike is targeted toward taller riders.

I rode this bike for hours and used it for off-roading and freestyle. Even with a lot of abuse, this bike held up pretty well thanks to the entire 4130 chromo frame. The frame, at the same time, makes the bike pretty lightweight.

Apart from the riding experience, this BMX bike’s parts are high quality and made of either steel or chromo. Technicalities aside, this bike has one of the most durable parts of any BMX bike.

As for the seat, this was not the most comfortable seat. But because a BMX bike was meant for bigger and advanced bikers, I quickly gave it a pass.


  • Equipped with 20 x 2.4″ wheels
  • The bike weighs around 13 kg
  • Alloy U-brake and brake levers for accurate braking
  • Compatible with rider height of 5’8″ and taller
  • The chain has a half-link design

Pros & Cons

  • The riding experience was excellent and well balance
  • Its lightweight construction is a tremendous help for freestyling
  • The assembly was easy despite being a more technical BMX bike
  • It can support the need of the heaviest riders and the most demandable riding style
  • The higher price tag can be an issue for some
  • Generic assembly instruction can be a bit confusing


Throne Cycles The Goon 29″ Bike Fixed-Gear Urban Bike

Throne Cycles The Goon 29" Bike Fixed-Gear Urban Bike


The Throne is a well-known bike manufacturer with some of the most popular bike lineups. But when it comes to BMX bikes, I am sure many of you guys are hearing about their BMX bike lineup, the Goon, for the first time.

The lineup might not be value-packed as some other lineups from the Goon. But the mix of balance, performance, and pricing makes Throne a great choice on the market.

My Impression

The bike looked more like a regular one than a BMX bike out of the box. There are several reasons behind it. First, you’ll notice that the seat is way higher than a BMX bike.

Then comes the wheel size, again a lot bigger than BMX bikes. All these dissimilarities combined, many hardcore BMX lovers might argue that it’s not a complete BMX bike.

However, I loved the different approach from Throne with this bike. Because of the difference, this bile offers a great deal of versatility that no other BMX bike on the market offers.

The bigger frame is also suitable for carrying more weight, making this bike one of the best bikes for heavy guys. Also, the wheels on the bike were pretty wide, so for faster bikers, it’ll be a great choice with more stability.

One thing that’s pretty cool about this Goon bike because it has a four-piece handlebar. The four-piece handlebar and the outward welded crossbars have more knee clearance. I tested the 14k gold edition bike, and it looked pretty dope for a commuter BMX bike. 

Overall, the Goon 29″ bike seemed like a well-equipped complete bike in today’s market. Of course, a few things are missing that could have made the Goon a more “BMX” bike. But the different approach of Throne in BMX bike is worth your investment.


  • The frame is made of TIG-welded alloy 6061-T6
  • Four-piece 810mm wide and 140 mm tall handlebar
  • The bike features a cantilever braking style
  • Throne ribbed grips for better control
  • Equipped with wide 29″” x 2.10″” tires for stability
  • Equipped with sealed 68mm bearings

Pros & Cons

  • This bike can easily fit larger bikes up to 6 feet and above
  • The designs are super cool and inviting
  • Compatible with aftermarket freewheel
  • This bike offers versatility as both BMX and commuter option
  • Riding this bike feels refreshing and stable for newer riders
  • Not an actual BMX bike out of the box


Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX


Mongoose again enters the list with one of their best-selling products ever, the Legion BMX. If you are looking for a balanced BMX bike with the classic 1970s look, this is the product you should opt for.

Mongoose played it safe with the 20-inch size, which is why this bike has so many sales. On top of everything else, the classic goodness of Mongoose is also there to play a part.

My Impression

I was pretty excited about this particular BMX bike. Given the plethora of positive reviews, I have been looking forward to experiencing this bike firsthand. After receiving it, the assembly was pretty uniform, and I would say easy for a decent mid-budget BMX bike.

With an Allan wrench, anyone can assemble the bike within fifteen minutes. There were not many adjustments to do either apart from the tire pressure.

Everything else is pre-calibrated by the manufacturer. The best part about this Mongoose Legion bike is its user versatility. Being a bigger guy, my nephew and I can ride this bike easily without any complaint.

After my little off-roading and stunt session, the bike seems to hold up pretty well. I was disturbed that the brakes may feel a little stiff at first, but I found it adjustable, to my surprise.

Overall, I think this Mongoose Legion packs a lot of punch for the money. If you are on the market for a cool-looking BMX bike with an affordable price tag, you should check it out, as it’s one of the best bicycles for big men.


  • The full 4130 chromo frame provides the best durability and lightweight
  • Aluminum U-brakes and brake levers offer excellent braking performance
  • The tires are 20″ x 2. 4″ with excellent grip
  • The top-tube length of 21″ made this bike suitable for bigger guys too
  • Strong two-piece crank made of Chromoly

Pros & Cons

  • The assembly was super easy
  • A versatile bike for different styles and age groups
  • The riding experience of this bike is smooth and stable
  • The bike is pretty lightweight to support all your off-roading and stunt needs
  • The color on the frame comes off easily
  • The handlebar can be slippery for some units despite tightening


Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike


At this point, it’s pretty much apparent that Mongoose has asserted a clear dominance on this list with their high-quality mid-budget BMX bikes. I have brought you the Title Elite 24 BMX race bike. 

The name includes the word race because several notable features make this bike great for racing. The wheels and the whole frame are distinctively large than the rest of the Mongoose VMX bikes I have on the list.

My Impression

I was a bit unsure about this BMX bike because of its size because neither does it have the size of a commuter bike like the Throne Goon I reviewed above nor the size of a conventional approach like other BMX bikes.

However, as soon as I get my hands on this BMX bike, I love the riding experience immediately. So, the assembly was pretty standard with primary tools and around fifteen minutes of your time. Then comes the riding part; the 24-inch size felt like fresh air on this list full of 20″ BMX bikes.

On top of the bigger wheels, the frame has a height of 12.5″, making it a sweet choice for taller guys. All the components were high quality, and I couldn’t find anything to complain about except for the plastic pedals.

Despite being one of the best BMX bikes for a 6-foot man, these plastic pedals might not suit some riding styles. But, you are all set with a race-ready bike if you can replace it. 


  • 6061 Tectonic T1 biaxial aluminum frame for durability
  • The top tube length of 21.77 is one of the highest on the list
  • The double-wall aluminum rims are high quality with 31-inch inner width
  • Two-piece aluminum 175-millimeter cranks offer excellent speed and smoothness
  • 32 spokes at the front and 36 spokes at the rear wheel provide more support

Pros & Cons

  • The bike is race-ready out of the box
  • An excellent option for both kids and bigger adults
  • The riding experience was very smooth
  • Adjustable brakes offer better speed control
  • The bike supports so many upgrades
  • The plastic pedals might not be suitable for different riding style
  • The seat angle is not adjustable


Hiland BMX Bike

Hiland BMX Bike


Let’s take a break from Mongoose and focus on other brands. After the first Elite BMX bike, this option from Hiland is another budget-friendly option for people looking to start riding BMX bikes.

The bike itself is pretty basic, with no fancy design, color, or features. However, it does a pretty good job at what it’s supposed to do. So if you keep your expectations minimum, this Hiland BMX bike is one of the best bikes for 6-footers.

My Impression

While testing this BMX bike, my expectations were pretty low, considering the price. But after riding this bike extensively for a few hours, I have to say the Hiland delivers more than the bike costs.

Hiland kept it simple without overcomplicating anything, and that’s why the riding experience was relatively smooth and stable. Usually, budget BMX bikes have a basic assembly, and this Highland bike is no different either.

There are three sizes available with this BMX bike, 20″, 24″, and 26″. I rode the 24″ one, and I felt a bit cramped over the long period of riding.

If you are a bigger guy like me with around six feet, you should go for the 26″ size. If you have kids, you can have smaller sizes and even have matching bikes with your kid.


  • Available in there different wheel sizes of 20″”, 24″” and 26″”
  • Drivetrain compiled of 140 cranks, 36T chainring, and 18T cog for a smooth ride
  • 85% preassembled in the box
  • Aluminum V-brakes for efficient speed control
  • Equipped with non-slip 1.95-inch tires

Pros & Cons

  • All the necessary assembly tools included with the bike
  • Basic bike with good shock absorbance
  • Available in different colors for kids
  • Great value for money
  • Has a good grip on the handle
  • Wheels swerve in some unit


Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike


I am finishing it up with another Mongoose BMX bike from the Title lineup. This bike has many dissimilarities from previous models, like the height and wheel size.

But most importantly, this Mongoose Title 24 has a reduced price tag, too, moving down from the conventional $600 price tag of Mongoose BMX bikes. For that reason, this is one of the best bangs for the buck BMX bikes right now.  

My Impression

Before beginning, let’s talk about the availability for a moment. This bike continuously comes in and out of stock, which proves how popular this bike is right now. I breezed through the assembly out of the box in a few minutes.

I couldn’t wait to test this unique Mongoose bike out, and when I did, it hit it out of the park. Being a 24-inch bike, it fits me well compared to those regular 20″ bike options.

One of the things that I liked about this BMX bike was the aluminum frame. Of course, it isn’t Chromoly that offers more durability and lightweight; this aluminum frame was light. In my opinion, the aluminum frame is okay for the price range.

 Though the product title has the word race, this is not a racing BMX bike per se. For that, you might have to replace a lot of parts. This Title 24 BMX bike is more than acceptable if you are looking for a beginner and pocket-friendly option.


  • 77″ top tube can easily accommodate even the tallest riders
  • Arisun XLR8 24″ tires offer excellent grip and stability
  • Xposure aluminum double-wall rims for added support
  • The V brakes have decent speed control
  • 3-piece Chromoly crank for better rotational movement

Pros & Cons

  • The lightweight frame helps with maintaining balance
  • Freedom of movement for bigger guys with longer legs
  • Great option as a birthday gift
  • Adjustable height for different rider height
  • The seat angle isn’t adjustable


Buying Guide

Though I have compiled a list of the best BMX bikes for big guys, you should also equip yourself with prior knowledge to make the best purchase decision.

A bike is a pretty simple ride, and that’s why there are no complexities here that you need to learn to choose the right option for yourself. You need to consider some fundamental things, yet the lack of knowledge about these basic stuff leads to poor buying decisions. 

Some BMX bikes might not suit you, and your size can discourage you from riding. Moreover, as it’s not an investment you make every day, be careful what you opt for. Below, I have listed a few factors that you should especially look for to find the best BMX bike for yourself. Let’s have a look.


The most crucial aspect to consider while purchasing a BMX bike is its size. Without proper size, you won’t be able to ride properly. Typically, there are two ways to measure a BMX bike: measuring the wheel diameter, and the other is by the frame length.

Therefore, to match the size of the BMX bike, you have to consider the frame size. This list is for bigger riders; the ideal frame size for a rider up to 5’10” or higher is around 181 cm or more.


After the size, it’s time to check out the materials used for the construction of the bike. More specifically, you need to check out the material for the frame as it determines the durability of the bike.

Almost every BMX bike available in today’s market is made of steel composition, but there is differentiation. Try to look for Chromoly, an alloy of chromium and molybdenum. Frames made out of these materials are pretty strong for heavy BMX riders.



I have seen people often forget to check out their weight. Before understanding the importance of considering it, you need to remember what BMX bikes are. In short, BMX bikes are for off-roading, stunts, and tricks. Lightweight can help control, stability, and smoothness in all these instances.

That’s why make sure the BMX bike you are purchasing is lightweight. Chromoly framed bikes are usually the best for lightweight bikes without compromising durability.


The wheels are basically what runs a bike. So, it’s needless to say how vital the wheel will play in a BMXbike’s performance. I meant the whole package, including the tires, rims, and spokes, when I say wheel. The combined performance of all these parts can only result in a perfect wheel.

Firstly, you can go for 20″ wheels for the size, considered the most common and balanced size. However, depending on your preference, you can go bigger as a big guy depending on your preference.

As for the rim, make sure it’s made of aluminum and has several layers for added support and durability.

As for the spokes, you need to have a higher spoke count if you are heavy. For example, 36 spokes should easily suffice a regular guy. But as your weight goes up, you might need up to 48 spokes.

The last thing you need to consider for the wheel is the tire. For more technical biking, go for wider tires since they offer more stability and surface area. Otherwise, for speed, go for sleek tires, as they have less traction. You should also check the thread count of the tires to know the grip.


A crank converts the power from pedaling into a rotational movement that runs the bike. You need to opt for a sturdy and accurate crank to get the best conversion ratio.

Cranks usually come in three different variants, one-piece unit, two-piece unit, and three-piece unit.

As the name suggests, one-piece units have all the parts like crankarms and spindles in one single piece. Because of the single construction, the arms are not that durable.

Then comes the two-piece unit, where there is one separate crankarm with the spindle. This is comparatively more durable than a one-piece unit.

Lastly, the three-piece unit has each crank arm and spindle separated. These three-piece cranks are considered the strongest.


The pedals are pretty basic, and there is not much to consider here. Keep in mind that pedals usually come in two sizes, either plastic or steel.

Plastic peals are more common due to their lightweight and cost-effectiveness. For better durability, you can go for metal pedals too.

As for the grip on the pedal, there are flat pedals and clip-in pedals. As you can already assume, flat pedals are, well, flat. The clip-on pedals have a clip to attach to your feet to generate more power and therefore speed through pedaling.

Braking performance

Brakes are super important for any bike and even more so for BMX bikes. Brakes allow the rider to control the speed at his will for off-roading and stunts.

Unfortunately, without proper braking performance, catastrophic accidents can happen. So, while choosing the BMX bike, make sure the one you are choosing has strong braking performance.

At least, the brakes at the rear wheels are the bare minimum you should be looking for. The most common type of brakes found in BMX bikes has U-brake setups.


Though BMX bikes look pretty simple at first glance, assembling one can be equally challenging for a beginner. Even an experienced guy like me had difficulty adding the pieces together without a proper instruction manual.

You have to decide whether you want a complete BMX bike or a custom one. For custom ones, you can choose each part separately, but at the same time, that will cost you a lot more money.

So, if you are a beginner with limited knowledge and budget, you should opt for a complete BMX bike.


This is the last thing to consider in my buying guide. Considering the price doesn’t mean judging a bike based on the price. In reality, I am trying to say is you should be looking for the balance of cost to performance ratio.

Keep your expectations moderate, and look for features and qualities you are supposed to get in your respective budget. Looking for value is always the best way of finding the best BMX bike for heavy riders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size BMX for 6 feet?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) information, the average height of a Male in the USA is 5’9″. Considering that, I think 6 feet or above can be considered big.

Some might think a height of 6 feet is not compatible with BMX riding, which is not true. For a 6 feet guy, a BMX size of 21″ can be considered an ideal size. On top of the size, a 6 feet guy will also need a bigger frame to feel less cramped.

Can a 300lb person ride a bike?

Of course, a 300 lb. guy can ride a bike with the right specifications. You might already know biking is considered a great way to lose weight. There are so many riders who are even above 300 lb. who are riding bikes daily.

Being a 300 lb. guy, all you have to look out for is that you have a bigger frame with strong metallic construction. With that, you can easily ride a bike and have an excellent cardio workout at the same time. Even my list above has some of the best BMX for fat guys.

How much weight can a 20-inch BMX bike hold?

A BMX bike’s weight limit is not dependent on the size. One of those best bicycle for heavy people can easily carry a weight up to 250 lbs. Instead, the weight limit mostly depends on the material of the frame and its size.

However, as BMX bikes are mostly referred to with their size, riders commonly question how much weight a 20-inch BMX can hold. Considering the pattern of size and the weight capacity of BMX bikes available on the market, a 20-inch bike can easily hold up to 140 lbs.

Are BMX bikes fast?

Many people believe that BMX bikes are slow due to their more diminutive form and wheels. However, you’ll be surprised to know how fast BMX bikes are. On average, a BMX bike can easily have a top speed of 35 MPH while descending from a ramp.

Moreover, BMX bikes are also pretty well known for their accelerations. Despite the same average speed, the faster acceleration also gives BMX bikes an edge over other bikes in terms of speed.

What makes a BMX bike faster?

There are several ways of making a BMX bike go faster. If you have good experience with BMX bikes, you might be aware of these techniques. The first obvious way is to keep your bike clean and lubricated. This can help you have a faster bike.

Next is the proper calibration of seat height, tire pressure, pedal tension, and other technical stuff. Lastly, bikes also allow you to play with the gears and brakes to better speed.

How old is BMX?

BMX or bike motocross bikes are not very old compared to regular bicycles. While a regular bicycle was invented way back in 1817, BMX was only invented in the 1970s, originally for children riding bikes on dirt tracks.

Since then, its convenient size for off-roading and stunt riding has made it a mainstream choice for adults and kids.

Can adults ride 20-inch BMX bikes?

Yes, adults can easily ride a 20-inch BMX bike. To better understand the answer to this question, you need to know the sizing. The size of the wheel refers to the size of a BMX bike.

So, a 20-inch bike only means the wheel size is 20 inches, and that’s a very common BMX bike size. However, various frame sizes can fit anyone from an adult to a child for the same wheel size.

Do bikes have weight limits?

Yes, bikes do have a weight limit. However, the weight limit is enough to withstand even the heaviest persons. Every bike’s weight limit is entirely different since various materials, types, geometry, and shapes are available on the market.

However, an adult bike should easily carry at least 250 lbs on average. If you are looking for more weight capacity, you can easily find that made of durable materials and framework.

How much does a BMX bike cost?

There is no way to standardize the cost of a BMX bike because there are so many factors involved in the pricing. From my experience, the price mainly depends on the brand, materials, size, and parts used for the bike.

Usually, beginner BMX bikes start at around $200. If you are going advance, then the sot is higher with a hefty price tag of $1500. As you have seen in the list above, a budget of around $600 is a good starting point for a decent quality BMX bike.

What is the most expensive BMX bike in the world?

The most expensive bike in the BMX industry is from WeThePeople. If you have been in the BMX riding long enough, you are probably aware of this brand.

They are famous for the highest quality BMX bikes for off-roading and stunt bikes. Right now, their Envy BMX Bike from the 2022 lineup is the most expensive conventional BMX bike in the world.

Apart from that, a brand named ZOOZ was formed just a few years back. Their flagship Ultralight 1100 BMX bike costs around $3100, but that one is run by electricity. 

Are BMX Bikes Hard to Ride?

We have written an informative article. Read here.

Final Thought

That’s a wrap for today. Remember that nothing is impossible, and your height should not stop your love for BMX biking. I hope reviews of the best BMX bike for big guys were helpful enough to give you an in-depth idea about the BMX bikes discussed above.

As you have seen above, the BMX bikes I mentioned are high quality and have many great features that separate these from the rest of the BMX bikes on the market. Moreover, the brands I discussed above are well-known in the BMX bike industry.

To ensure there is something for everyone, I have added bikes that are best for value for money or durability.

So, whatever your priority is or what you are looking for, you’ll surely get a match from my list. Lastly, I would say that all these BMX bikes are tested personally by me, and as a guy of 6’2″, I loved the experience of riding all these bikes.

You have to pick the BMX bike that meets your requirement and hit the road. If you find my guide helpful, you can also share it with your friends and family as a suggestion.

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