Are BMX bikes hard to ride

Are BMX Bikes Hard to Ride? You Must Know Before Try!

BMX bikes are a type of bicycle. But they’re not your regular bikes, as some features set them apart from other bike types. For starters, you can’t ride a BMX bike the same way you ride a standard bike.

That’s because BMX bikes are hard to ride. While you can cruise around town on regular bikes, BMX bikes have some complexities. For instance, they are faster than regular bikes, and some BMX bikes have no brakes. It takes a level of finesse to ride a BMX bike successfully.

If you’re curious about what BMX bikes are and why anyone would ride a bike without brakes, keep reading.

What are BMX bikes?

If you thought BMX was an acronym, you’re correct. It is an acronym for the phrase “bike motocross,” a special type of bike designed for a kind of sports that happens off-road. Some of the sports are BMX racing and stunt riding.

So, in case you’ve seen people performing stunts with something that looks like a bicycle, you should know that those are BMX bikes.

BMX bikes are used off-road because they are framed differently, in a way that’s not suited for the road. Check out the features of a BMX bike.

For starters, BMX bikes do not have regular tires that can survive the intensity of ordinary roads. The reason? Their tires are steady and thick, ideal for dirt tracks and skate parks. The wheels of BMX bikes are usually as small as 20 inches. More so, many of these types of bikes do not have brakes.

Now, BMX bikes aren’t the easiest to ride for a couple of reasons. First, it is averse to too much friction. You won’t successfully navigate a BMX bike in such terrain.

Nevertheless, anyone can learn how to ride a BMX bike- especially if you know how to ride a regular bike.

Pros & Cons

  • They are affordable compared to regular or mountain bikes
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Perfect for stunts and tricks but off-road
  • You won’t need to repair them as they operate at a single speed.
  • You can’t sit on the saddle to ride a BMX bike
  • Doesn’t comes with suspension.
  • They’re not suited for long trips.



Types of BMX bikes

When it comes to BMX bike riding, all BMX bikes aren’t the same. The reason is that the different BMX riding games and events have led to the creation of different types of BMX bikes.

Depending on the type of BMX bike riding you want to try out, you have to choose the best-suited bike for the context. Below are some of the BMX bikes that exist.

True/ Original BMX Bikes

This BMX bike was the first type of BMX bike released in the sixties. They were used on dirt tracks and forged to be easily maneuvered. BMX riders could pull off jumps, stunts, etc., on the bikes.

They are usually stable and lightweight, putting the rider in charge of the bike. That way, they can perform any stunt that comes to mind. They were modeled after motocross motorcycles and were designed to run on BMX race tracks.

Dirt bikes or Dirt Jumps

This bike is a different type of BMX bike that’s majorly for pulling off jump stunts on dirt tracks. If you’ve seen BMX riders run off dirt tracks on their BMX bikes and do a little spin in the air, they could pull it off thanks to the dirt jump bikes.

Freestyle BMX bikes

There are various types of freestyle BMX bikes that are referred to as freestyle BMX bikes. The Vert bike was commonly used to perform stunts on empty pools.

Also called halfpipes, the bikes are original BMX bikes that have been subjected to modifications. For instance, the tires are smooth, and the bikes are strong.

There are also street bikes. These types of bikes perform tricks on urban streets. Usually, street bikes run along stairs, walls, ledge, etc., while the rider performs tricks.

Their frames are heavier to absorb impact, and their tires are smoother. Generally, you’ll know freestyle bikes by their heaviness. They’re heavier than regular BMX bikes.

Flatland Bikes

The goal for flatland bikes is different. They are a different BMX bike designed explicitly for breakdance cycling rather than for tricks and speed.

These bike types have a shorter wheelbase to make spinning around on the bike and pedaling a breeze.

Best Entry-Level BMX Bike Brands

Best entry-level BMX Bike Brands

If you’d love to get into BMX riding, you have to clarify what type of BMX riding you want.

Do you want to engage in regular BMX racing? Or Flatland biking? You could also Vert or Street race. The choice is yours.

Ensure you choose a BMX bike frame for the BMX bike riding you want to get into. Nevertheless, some of the BMX bike brands you can check out for high-quality beginner bikes include

Frequently Asked Questions

Are BMX bikes good for long-distance?

No, they are not good for long-distance for several reasons. First, the sitting posture is terrible, and the brake system is either non-existent or not very effective. There are also not enough gearing options.

Can you ride a BMX bike on the road?

No, they are not suitable for the road. Although BMX bikes seem stable and easy to maneuver, they’d degrade faster than anticipated.

Can BMX bikes go off-road?

Yes, BMX bikes were designed for off-road adventures. They are mostly ridden on dirt tracks, etc.

Are BMX bikes fast?

They are fast, but not precisely faster than a mountain bike. Also, it depends on the type of BMX bike you’re referring to.

BMX bikes forged for racing are usually fast. But flatland bikes might not be fast since they’re primarily for artistic endeavors.

Do BMX bikes have brakes?

Some BMX bikes, like freestyle bikes, have brakes. However, the brakes might not be entirely effective. 


In case you missed the response to the question, are BMX bikes hard to ride? Here’s a quick recap. Yes, they are. There are different types of BMX bikes, and they all require a level of finesses to get on them.

Not all BMX bikes have brakes, and they are used for tricks, jumps, etc. But you can still learn how to ride a BMX bike. However, you have to start by knowing the type you’d like to ride and the ideal terrain.

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